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Fans & Brands

We empower a community of the most influential thought leaders on college campuses: NCAA student athletes and their loyal fans. Through their diverseness across, region and university, sport and background these student athletes and fans collectively shift waves of trends within Gen Z through their trusted communities. Our Brand owners are typically Baby Boomers and millennials who have a special dedication to their alma mater. 

Our focus is being the best full service, fully automated NCAA student athlete influencer marketing agency with a vast array of services to support personal Fan and brand business growth. 

We activate and manage targeted digital campaigns, custom content, gifting opportunities, community insights and physical activations for brands by building fan tribes that feature NCAA student athletes. These different services are an authentic way to market the hard to reach Gen Z - college market(s). 

All brand and athlete subscription sales go toward virtual scoreboard totals.

Join A Specialized Community That Has The Most Loyal Customers

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