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For Athletes

MY FAN TRIBE was built for student-athletes by current and former professional and student-athletes.  Student athletes from all sports, schools and divisions can sign up to join the our private TRIBE Community for FREE via our website. We are non-exclusive as our loyalty is built between you and us over time through honest, no bull-shit communication via our efficient and easy to use automated system.

We want to help all student athletes capitalize on their NIL benefits. It is our mission to connect student athletes to as many brands as possible to help them earn sponsorship deals through providing feedback on gifted product, taking brand specific surveys, posting on social, creating content, in-person and virtual meet and greet activations.

Once signed up (in less than 60 seconds), sponsorship deal alerts are sent to you by SMS from our personalized custom built platform. You will be prompted to log into your portal and confirm your interest in the deal. There is no need for you to use your valuable time to go through numerous brand deals and the brand chooses another student-athlete. We do the heavy lifting to help you capitalize on NIL while succeeding in school, sport and beyond while developing future professional relationships.


Earn a substantial income that surpasses your student-athlete peers regardless of your gender, division, or sport.


My Fan Tribe gives you access to personalized Life, Financial, Mental Health, and Wellness professionals to empower you as they become an extension of your coaching staff.

  • Wellness solutions powered by artificial intelligence enable your personalized trainer, registered dietician, or health professional to decide which guidelines to use in your personalized program based on mapped DNA strands. Allowing for a customized lifestyle plan that puts your body in balance and ready to perform at an elite level.

  • Connect with mental health professionals in our community that can help manage any issues you are facing with stress, social anxiety, eating disorders, and personal relationships.

Get help from your new energetic FANS & BRANDS to help turn your social media platforms into a gold mine, as FANS purchase rewards that translates into NIL income for you and BRANDS provide you various ways to earn cash and grow your personal brand. With all activities enabling you to compete on our virtual Leaderboard.

Sit back and relax as you get access to our NIL solutions to make sure all deal flow is in compliance with NCAA and your schools NIL rules, and to give you additional branding tools and national exposure!

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